HKB Poker Gambling Website

HKB Poker Gambling Website

HKB Poker is the gambling website powered by HKB Gaming system. The website looks rock solid with high end graphics. Casino loads like charm in no time. It is quite popular in the Asia Pacific belt. The website is based in Indonesia and its local language is set as default. It’s still a work in progress. The website clock follows your local time zone. They try to be as genuinely global as possible. All its games look great in the shiny blue background. Thanks largely to its design the presentation of games and slots are chrome.

Slots and Games

HKB Poker is not yet another online casino. It is a tad bit old fashioned. The games are just lively and awesome. You got the Texas Poker, a combination card game involving 2 players. Goal is to get highest value 5 card combination. Domino QQ is the domino card game involving 28 cards with different value. Each round is played between 2-5 players. There is another variation of domino card game to spice things up. Ceme Fighter is a strategic game where every player gets a chance to become a bookie or dealer. It’s another enthralling game nonetheless.

HKB Gaming

HKB Gaming is transforming the B2B gaming scene in Asia. It brings to you a range of exciting games backed by seamless technology. It is the frontrunner in providing DingDong club games. Huge number games are streamed live. A card is drawn every minute changing the fortunes of players worldwide. It brings multiple lottery markets including Cambodia, Australia, Taiwan, China and Singapore into the mix. DingDong club is the provider of all lottery games. HKB Gaming is committed to work hand in hand with partners all across Asia. They have places of operations from India to Taiwan to Australia.


The biggest interest in the casino is the Togel section. It roughly translates to lottery. You have plenty of guess the number games with huge rewards. You can benefit from some of the biggest discounts. It opens access to markets of Singapore, Cambodia, China, Taiwan and Australia. All of these lottery systems are legit. The number guessing games are played as 2D, 3D and 4D. The clock closure and other timings are specified in each lottery. You got lotteries lined up via a timeline. Most lotteries are open every day. Check with your local laws before investing in lottery networks.

Other features

The coding and design facilitate smooth gameplay. The robust system carries out fast transactions. Best of support is offered 24×7. Flexible funding option comes on back of exemplary banking support. You need a minimum of 10,000 IDR to play. All payments are processed through banks only. The deposits can be made from combined transfers. HKB Poker offers a wide range of high quality services and products. It employs a 128 bit encryption to ensure utmost security and privacy. All confidential information is gathered and maintained by the house. No third party is involved when it comes to user information.